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Tuesday 9th of May, 2023

Title:  New solar X-ray constraints on keV Axion-Like Particles [2303.06968] 

Presented by:   Mar Bastero

Abstract:  The decay of Axion-Like Particles (ALPs) trapped in the solar gravitational field would contribute to the observed solar X-ray flux, hence constraining ALP models. We improve by one order of magnitude the existing limits in the parameter space $(g_{a\gamma\gamma}, m)$ by considering ALPs production via photon coalescence. For $g_{ae} \neq 0$, we demonstrate that trapped ALPs can be Compton-absorbed while crossing the Sun, resulting in two regimes in the exclusion limits, with a transition triggered by $g_{ae}$. Out of the transitional region, the solar X-ray constraints on ALPs are exclusively governed by $g_{a\gamma\gamma}$.