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Foto: Pepe Marín/PAG

I CAFPE - Física Teórica Christmas Workshop

December 21st 2016, 9:30AM

Salón de Grados del Edificio Mecenas, Facultad de Ciencias, Universidad de Granada

The first Christmas workshop organized by the Scientific Unit of Excellence CAFPE - Física Teórica of the University of Granada will be held in Granada on December 21, 2016. The goal of this meeting is to bring together outstanding young scientists who will discuss with members of the local group their contributions to recent progress in particle and astroparticle physics.


  • J. P. Araque (LIP)
  • A. Carmona (CERN)
  • M. Chala (IFIC)
  • J. M. Lizana (UGR)
  • P. Sánchez (UGR)
  • A. Soto (UGR y FIAS)


Organising committee

  • Manuel Pérez-Victoria
  • José Santiago (Chair)

International Advisory Committee

  • Ch. Anastasiou (ETH Zürich)
  • N. Castro (LIP and U. de Minho)
  • Ch. Englert (U. of Glasgow)
  • A. Falkowski (LPT Orsay)
  • G. Servant (DESY and U. of Hamburg)


9:30 A. Carmona A flavor-safe composite explanation of RK
10:00 M. Chala The MSSM faces the LHC run 2
10:30 J. P. Araque Heavy quark searches with the ATLAS detector
Coffe Break
11:30 A. Soto Gluonic hot spots and spatial correlations inside the proton
12:00 P. Sánchez Mass composition and shower physics studies with data of the Surface Detector of the Pierre Auger Observatory
12:30 J. M. Lizana Wilsonian and holographic renormalization of correlation functions


If you want to attend this workshop, please send an email to jsantiago(at) or pabloguaza(at)

  • Manuel Pérez-Victoria
  • José Santiago
  • J. P. Araque
  • A. Carmona
  • M. Chala
  • J. M. Lizana
  • P. Sánchez
  • A. Soto
  • J. I. Illana
  • F. del Aguila
  • M. Masip
  • Pablo Guerrero
  • Álvaro Muñoz Bruque