PhD Thesis Defense
On 10th February at 10:00 in Salón de Grados (Facultad de Ciencias, UGR) our doctoral student José María Pérez Poyatos will present his thesis entitled "Exploring flavour at the energy frontier in the Little Higgs paradigm".
New postdoctoral members
We are very happy to announce that Dr Sandra Kvedaraite (currently in University of Cincinnati) and Mr Zhe Ren (Beijing Institute of Theoretical Physics) will join us from next fall!
Juan Carlos Criado joins as RyC researcher
We are thrilled to tell that Dr Juan Carlos Criado joined the group as Ramón y Cajal researcher. Juan Carlos was PhD student in the FTAE in Granada, he later held postdoctoral positions in NICPB Tallin and in the IPPP of Durham.

About Us

The high-energy physics group (FTAE) of the University of Granada was founded in the 90s. Currently, we have 13 senior researchers, 14 junior or postdoctoral fellows and 9 PhD students, thus being one of the largest groups in Spain in our field.

Our research covers a variety of topics including experimental neutrino and collider physics, particle and astroparticle physics phenomenology, cosmology, as well as formal aspects of quantum field theory and perturbative and non-perturbative calculations.

Main Events

Workshop on gamma5 Regularization Schemes

VI FTAE - Física Teórica Christmas Workshop

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